Annual Meeting and Advent Recollection of All Coordinators/Chair Couples

Greetings of joy and peace! Our Annual Meeting and Advent Recollection is scheduled on November 29, 2008, Saturday, at the Parish Center of the Cathedral Shrine and Parish of the Good Shepherd, Regalado St., Fairview Park, Quezon City (next to F.E. U. Hospital)....<read more>


As the convention came to an end, kuyas and ates were inquiring where the 2010 convention will be. Could it be time to bring the convention to Visayas or Mindanao, perhaps? Like little children, kuyas & ates are excited to know where God would call the PREX family for the next convention....<read more>


After three days of listening to the word of God and journeying back into their own experiences of God’s loving presence through the help of the different speakers, the delegates felt their hearts aflamed to answer His Call: To Love others as He has loved us—especially the least, the lost and the last—His lambs whom He asks us to feed.

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After the opening prayer and joyful song led by the Music Ministry of the Parish of St. Anthony of Iriga City, Fr. Orly Sapuay, MS of the Order of La Sallete, gave his endearing “story of the heart”. In a very casual, practical and easy to understand presentation, Fr. Sapuay said that everything that we think, feel, and do somehow emanates from our “kalooban”, our “pananaw” and is driven by the heart. ...<read more>


Despite the rains falling in the midst of summer, PREX graduates from various parishes all over the country converge in the City of Legazpi for the 10th PREX National Convention with the theme “The Call to Love”. The bi-annual gathering of PREX graduates started with a concelebrated mass presided by the Most Rev. Lucilo Quiambao D.D., apostolic administrator of the Diocese of Legazpi. In his homily, Bishop Quiambao explained the three theological virtues of faith, hope and love. Using the letter of the apostle St. Paul, Bishop Quiambao called on everyone to respond to the call to Love, which means to think, see, desire and act well for others.

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High energy and warm camaraderie

The endearing humor of emcees Kuya Johny Telles from Bulacan, Ate Rose Imperial from Novaliches, Ate Precy Belleza and Kuya Fr. Pau Barandon from Legazpi kept the audience all buoyed up throughout the day....<read more>

Kuyas and Ates, Welcome to Albay!

Home to the spectacular Mayon Volcano, one of the great wonders of the world. "Dagos po kamo!"
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Legazpi DAPPS Welcomes You!

HOPE FOR BETTER YEARS TO COME! It is in this same spirit that WE WELCOME YOU ALL to our province of Albay! Please feel at home!

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Meet Your Speakers

Only one speaker comes from the last convention in Laguna, in fact from the 7th and 8th, too. Fr. Ramon Ramos CP is a favorite ...<read more>

Welcome Message From The Spiritual Director

I am so thankful that the PREX Movement is still alive and very active in many parishes. After 24 years, PREX has renewed and has re-evangelized more than 800 parishes all over the Philippines. We now also have PREX Movements in the US and Saudi Arabia. Thanks be to the Most Holy Trinity!...<read more>

Welcome Message From NAPPS President Couple

Praise be to our gracious God! We are on cyperspace again! We may be miles or ocean apart, but because of God-given technology, we feel so near to each other. All glory to our God!...<read more>